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Jake is a globe-trotting entrepreneur and full-stack engineer who has lived in an impressive 6 countries and 10 cities. his entrepreneurial spirit shone through from a young age, with his first business venture involving selling korean candies in canada for a whopping 400% return. during his university years, he continued to flex his business acumen by selling customized skateboards on facebook marketplace.

despite a setback involving a scam on alibaba while bulk-buying selfie sticks, jake persevered and landed a part-time job selling bluetooth speakers, where he managed to increase sales by an astonishing 800%. his diverse skill set is further enhanced by his fluency in korean, english, and chinese. jake's passion for ideation and developing business cases is evident in his latest venture, omni map, which aims to provide personalized and narrated maps for various niches.

in addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, jake has worked in a robotics lab teaching robots calligraphy and served as the sole front-end engineer in a startup that scaled from a 4-person team to a 30-person team, raising a 7 million series a round. his recent accomplishments include winning 6th place out of 25,000 participating teams at the google genai hackathon. jake is a scrappy developer who believes in starting small, testing the waters, and avoiding risks whenever possible.

currently, jake is seeking a go-to-market strategy for omni map and hopes to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. he is open to part-time front-end engineering roles and is looking for a cofounder or collaborators to help bring omni map to fruition. when he's not working on his projects or exploring new cities, you can find jake rollerblading around town.

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